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Spinal Surgery video

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3D Medical Animation | Lumbar spine surgical procedure. 2 level fusion of L4-S1

http://www.medicalartworks.com/ Lumbar spine surgical animation depicts a posterior lateral two level fusion at L4, L5 & S1 to decompress nerve roots. Incision is made posteriorly, from L4...

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A Few Quick Notes on Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal fusion surgery is an invasive surgery that could be a very long and complicated process. Often it involves a surgeon opening up one's spine, whether that's from the front or back and...

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Core Exercises for Spinal Fusion (and more!) | FemFusion Fitness

Stretch and strengthen your core with these flexion-free exercises that are safe for those who have a history of spinal fusion surgery. Also safe for people who have back pain, neck pain, or...

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Get Facts About Spinal Fusion Surgery - Manipal Hospitals

This video is an informative animated presentation that explains in detail about Spinal Fusion. Spinal fusion is performed on spine to weld two or more vertebrae together using surgical hardware...

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Lumbar Spine Surgery Vs Chiropractic Adjustments-You Decide Best

Lumbar Spine Surgery Vs Chiropractic Adjustments-You Decide Best course of action for you especially after watching this video on a lady who had Lumbar Herniated Disc, Sciatica and then got...

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A look at Tiger Woods' L5/S1 spinal fusion back surgery

Tiger Woods underwent a spinal fusion surgery which is his fourth since March 2014, fusing together the L5 and S1 vertebrae. We take a look at how the procedure is performed, what's involved...

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Why Avoid Back Surgery at all Costs-Try this instead. Avoid Back Fusions.

Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck give their opinion on why you should avoid back surgery at all costs. Especially back fusions. They advocate trying a conservative approach...

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Robotic Assisted Spinal Surgery | FAQ's

Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Nicholas Theodore, answers questions about robotic-assisted spinal surgery. Topics include who is a candidate, how these advanced technologies help patients and what...

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Before You Have Spinal Surgery

Watch Before You Have Spinal Surgery or before considering spinal fusion, having a fuse spine operation, your spine fused, or a spinal procedure watch this video on how it can affect you later....

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Precautions and Exercises after Spine Surgery

These are things you need to know after you have spine surgery.

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Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery

Dr. Vivek Kushwaha discusses recovery stages and how long patients may be out of work. Call (713)-587-6263 or visit www.drkushwaha.com to make an appointment with Dr. Kushwaha. Dr. Kushwaha:...

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Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery (AVOID Adjacent Segment Disease)

Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery http://PainFreeInstitute.net Before you think about having lumbar spinal fusion surgery make sure you know about Adjacent Segment Disease. Whenever vertebrae...

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Scoliosis Spinal Fusion Animation

Animation of a posterior spinal fusion to correct scoliosis.

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Weightlifting & Running After Spinal Fusion

Weightlifting & Running After Spinal Fusion. Part of the series: Tips From a Chiropractor. Weightlifting and running after spinal fusion is something that you should only do once you've gotten...

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Robotic Spinal Surgery by Andrew Manista, MD

Robotic Spinal Surgery was presented by Andrew Manista, MD at the 2016 ONE Spine Master's Course. http://www.seattlesciencefoundation.org Seattle Science Foundation is a non-profit organization...

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Laser Spine Surgery Lexington, KY | Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

Laser Spine Surgery Lexington, Ky. (844) 347-3639 http://renewspinalcare.com Laser Spine Surgery in Lexington, KY may be available for those who suffer chronic back pain and who are currently...

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Activity after Spine Surgery

The following video will provide you with information about: • activity restrictions • how to safely manage your daily activities • home exercise and walking programs after surgery.

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When to Have Surgery for Low Back Pain | Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Colorado

Website: http://neckandback.com Forum: http://askspinedoc.com Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=necka... Appt: 970-479-5895 Connect with Dr. Corenman: Facebook:...

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Spinal Surgery (L2, 3, 4, 5 and S1) - 6 Weeks Post Op

This is an update on progress from surgery for spinal stenosis. The surgery took place on Feb 5, 2014 and this is just shy of 6 weeks post operation.

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Spinal Surgery – Kyphosis

Spinal Surgery – Kyphosis.

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Surgery for Degenerative Spondylolisthesis with Spinal Stenosis | Lumbar Surgery | CO Spine Expert

Website: http://neckandback.com, Forum: http://askspinedoc.com, Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=necka... Appt: 970-479-5895 Connect with Dr. Corenman: Facebook:...

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Tiger Woods' recovery from back surgery

Dr. Brett A. Osborn explains.

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Spinal Fusion Pain Management

Dr. Vivek Kushwaha discusses pain management after spine surgery. Call (713)-587-6263 or visit www.drkushwaha.com to make an appointment with Dr. Kushwaha. Of course there's pain after surgery,...

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Spinal Fusion Surgery - Don't Do It!

http://www.arthritistreatmentcenter.com Spinal Fusion Surgery Patients Worse Off Than Patients Treated Non-Surgically. Maureen Salamon writing in HealthDay reported, \

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How long does recovery take after spine surgery?

Spine Surgeon and the Director of the Spine Institute, Dr. Verapan Kuansongtham from Bumrungrad International Hospital (Thailand) discusses what patients have to expect after undergoing spine surgery.

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Am I a candidate for minimally invasive surgery? | Laser Spine Institute

Are you a candidate for back surgery at Laser Spine Institute? Michael Perry, M.D., Chief Medical Director and co-founder of Laser Spine Institute, explains which patients are surgical candidates...

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Spine Surgeon's Greatest Challenge of His Career | Dr. Ted Belanger Performs Life Changing Surgeries

The world-class spine surgery skills of Dr. Theodore Belanger will be evident for the world to observe this week when the Texas Back Institute surgeon performs two, extremely challenging surgical...

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Vlogging with EDS: Cranio-Cervical and Thoracic Spinal Fusion Surgery | Week 24

My Tank Top (Size S): https://www.redbubble.com/people/christinapaints/works/26040901-sun-and-moon-mandala?p=t-shirt&style=racerback&body_color=white&print_location=front Dry Shampoo: http://www.l...

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Alternative to Spinal Fusion

One alternative to Spinal Fusion is the Coflex Intralaminar Stabilization. View a mock procedure of this ground breaking device and how it is installed in your back.

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